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The case of the lost iPhone

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Gizmodo has generated a lot of press the last few days for getting their hands on an unreleased iPhone, which Gizmodo paid a fair amount for. Apparently the iPhone was left behind by an Apple engineer at a bar and was found by another customer. Gizmodo has an exclusive article and pictures of the phone on their website. You can read all about it there.

What I really want to talk about is not the phone, but the follow up article that Gizmodo wrote about the Apple employee who lost the phone. It’s one thing to post pictures and specifications of the phone. It’s another thing to disclose the name, the photo and the FB status of the engineer who actually lost the phone. I think they have gone too far. Secrecy has always been Apple’s corporate culture and the company is known for setting up employees with fake prototypes or telling them false information so that the company can trace leakers within the organization if the information ever gets out in the wild. The poor engineer is probably under a lot of scrutiny already. He does not need the additional stress from the media. I think Gizmodo have gone too far this time. They are trying to milk as much as possible from their investment. I strongly condemn their action.

Rumours are already circulating on the Internet whether this is a publicity stunt by Apple since the customer who found the phone, did try to contact Apple to return the phone, but Apple did not seem too concern. Apple did however managed to remote wipe the phone to disable any new functionalities that have not been shown in the iPhone OS 4.0 keynote. It would be interesting to see how Steve Jobs would reveal the new iPhone if this is indeed the final prototype of the next generation iPhone.