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iPad: A Serious Case of Identity Crisis?

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Today, Apple finally unveiled the much rumoured iPad. The product itself is not much of a surprise. The leaked rumours out there were pretty much accurate and it was pretty much what I was expecting. For your reference though, if you want to read what I thought it would look like. Please refer back to my previous post.

The reaction to the product was mixed though. Many people including analysts are wondering out how this product would fit in between a smart phone and a laptop and why they would need something like this. That’s why many people are just calling it a giant iTouch, downplaying its usefulness and ability. Even Apple acknowledges that it will take some time for consumers to get used to it.

Let’s just put aside its usefulness for a minute and look at the device as it is. I think Apple has accomplished exactly what it wanted it to do. The device offers a great multi-touch device experience with super long battery life. It’s a great ebook reader; an excellent device for browsing the Internet and checking email; a multi-media device for movies and music. Most importantly though, as Apple puts it, the device is just a piece of glass. There is no mouse and there is no such thing as a correct way of holding it. You can hold it upside down if you like. It’s a device that somehow conforms to the way you do things instead of the other way around. It’s hard for many of us to comprehend because we have never seen this category of device before. We know exactly what a phone should do and what a computer should do. To Apple, this category of device is so unique that the company is not even going to dictate what it will do. Apple is applying the same strategy as what it did with the iPod Touch. Back then when the iPod Touch first came out, people questioned why they need an iPod with a touchscreen. It seems pointless. Somehow, after they opened up the app market, users responded and it evolved into a great gaming platform. The same is going to happen to the iPad. It will be up to the users and the developers to figure out what to do with this device. Now isn’t that magical?

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  1. January 28th, 2010 at 9:01 am

    siulo says:

    Good article. Well written. Concise and informative. Keep ‘em coming.

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